Goodbye to Mookie. This morning around 6am our dear friend Mookie left this world. The had fallen ill only some 18hrs before. We have sent out the blood work, but believe that her kidneys and liver finally gave out. She will be deeply missed.

Lek's story about Mooky:I remember Mooky from the date that her owner have left her to our park and promised us that they will coming back to pick her up after six month . Mooky is Mix breeding Thai dog and she raise by Australian woman who married Thai . One day the owner of Mooky asked me that she have to go to teach at Middle East and can't bring Mooky with her and she said on her return trip she will come back to take Mooky back . At that time the park doesn't have many number of dog and I agree to keep Mooky . Since the day of her owner left Mooky sit down every day looking at the front gate with hope to see her owner back , sometime we have the guest look like her owner mooky show excited and when she stay closed then she laydown when that person is not her owner . It so many months and years past the owner never come back to pick her up , oneday Mooky not well also we have renovated the gift shop where she always stay as her room I decided to move her to stay at the office and then she become office dog for about one year. Mooky is very good dog she never make truoble, she is very gentle and friendly , but stay at the office is no place for her to run , when the new gift shop finish renovate she get her bed back I have move her back to stay at the park again. Many people who met Mooky want to adopted her and bring her home with them and I always happy for her to have a single owner , because she deserve to get hug every day . But it never happen . Today she not here any more, we miss her . Goodbye our lovely Mooki



Dedicated to Elephants

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