Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

BLES strives to rescue and protect the elephants of Thailand from abuse and ultimate extinction. We provide a safe home where we focus on individual survival and growth in numbers. BLES allows elephants to interact in a natural environment that encourages breeding. 

Additionally, we offer support and advice to local elephant owners who may lack sufficient funds to care for their animals. We are deeply committed to our village community and provide jobs and housing to several mahouts and their families. We encourage local participation in BLESactivities and promote education about elephants and their plight as well as the environment. To realize its mission, BLES has targeted goals in protection, expansion, and education.

BLES is on constant alert to investigate any reports concerning elephants in need. Katherine personally travels throughout Thailand in response to abused elephant sightings. She will do whatever is necessary to provide relief to these animals, and when possible, arranges for their retirement to the Sanctuary.

When rescuing an elephant in distress, BLES organizes transportation, communicates with qualified veterinarians, finances medical aid, and provides support to elephant owners. BLES takes full responsibility of a rescue from inception to completion.

Each rescued elephant is partnered with a mahout who is carefully selected to work with that elephant depending upon its rehabilitation needs. The mahouts are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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