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Olifant moet slagtanden missen na moord

Een olifant in een opvangcentrum in de Thaise stad Ayutthaya moet een deel van zijn slagtanden missen. Omdat het dier iemand heeft doodgetrapt hebben de medewerkers van het centrum een vijfde van zijn slagtanden afgeslepen. Dat deden zij in de hoop daarmee ongeluk af te wenden. In Thailand geloven veel mensen dat de geest van een persoon die door een olifant wordt gedood in de slagtanden van het dier achterblijft.

De 27-jarige olifant vertrapte zaterdag een vrouw die samen met haar man een bezoek bracht aan het opvangcentrum. Dat gebeurde na de officiƫle openingstijden van het centrum, toen er geen oppassers aanwezig waren. De man raakte gewond toen hij zijn vrouw te hulp schoot.

Track survey after elephant deaths

January 5: Four elephants were run over by a speeding train within Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.
January 30: One more elephant died near Buxa after being hit by a train.
It took five elephant deaths for the forest ministry to wake up. A three-member standing committee team of National Board of Wild Life (NBWL) is likely to visit Mahananda on February 5 and 6 to inspect the site where the Northern Frontier Railways has proposed to develop a broad gauge line, the second in Mahananda, from Sevoke to Sikkim's Rongpo.
If sources are to be believed, the representatives of railways have already put pressure on the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) at the NBWL standing committee meet on December 12, last year, for a fast project clearance.
Confirming the move, a member of the team, M K Ranjitsinh, said that a decision would be taken only after they submit the site inspection report to the standing committee. Other members, who will visit the site, are Prerna Bindra and MD Madhusudan.
According to a railways official, the track passes through the steep hills and forests of Darjeeling and East Sikkim for a short length. However, the members of Society for Preservation and Awareness of Wildlife and Nature (SPAWN), Jalpaiguri, said the proposed track will pass through Gola, Chawa, Andheri and Ruyem blocks of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary with tunnels cutting through the low hills forests within the sanctuary, which is an important resting place for Asiatic elephants apart from being home to endangered species like leopard, Asiatic black bear, wild dog and a near-isolated tiger. According to Biswapriya Rahut, secretary of SPAWN, the area holds a steady population of 50 elephants throughout the year and 150 during the migratory season.
In a recent letter to the NBWL, Rahut had suggested exploring the possibilities of constructing the line along the left bank of the river Teesta (the opposite bank) which will see less damage of natural wealth and wildlife.
Agreeing with Ranjitsinh, NBWL member Prerna Bindra said Mahananda is an important protected area with endangered and even endemic flora and fauna, and is also part of the Gorumara-Jaldapara-Buxa landscape, which then has contiguity with forests in Bhutan. State wildlife advisory board member Biswajit Roy Chowdhury said the railways should consider an alternate route.
Junior railway minister Adhir Chowdhury said the proposed line is key to the economic development of the North-East. "Due to political tensions with Bangladesh, we are left with no scope to explore alternate routes via that country for North-East rail links. But environmental impact will be assessed before going ahead with this project," he said.
SPAWN members said the area also houses the rare snow orchid, which is endemic to this particular place, together with a host of important and threatened floral and faunal species. Construction of the track might bring about the local extinction of many such species, they fear.Ever since the broad gauge track was laid from New Jalpaiguri to Sevok, cutting across Mahananda, over 40 elephants were run over in the area between 2004 and 2012, including 10 calves. Most of the casualties occurred in Madarihat, Chapramari and Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) areas.
Trunk Call
* 40 elephants were run over by trains in areas inside Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary between 2004 and 2012, including 10 calves
* Apart from elephants, 6 bisons and one leopard were run over in this route between 2004 and 2012
* Majority of the casualties was reported from Madarihat, Buxa and Chapramari areas
* The proposed line will cut through Gola, Chawa, Andheri and Ruyem blocks of Mahananda, which are traditional resting places for elephants
Project Details
* The new line from Sevok to Rongpo will pass through the steep hills and reserve forest of Darjeeling and East Sikkim
* It will pass along the western bank of river Teesta and then pass through the NH-31A on right
* There will be 14 tunnels along the route with a total length of almost 32 kilometres which is about 72% of the entire route.

Safarigids ontslagen om bestormen olifant

(Novum/AP) - Een gids in een safaripark in Zuid-Afrika is ontslagen nadat een video was uitgelekt waarop te zien is hoe hij op een olifant afstormde. Tegen andere betrokkenen worden disciplinaire maatregelen getroffen.

In de video is te zien hoe de man op een olifant afrent terwijl zijn vrienden staan te lachen. De olifant onderging het voorval gelaten, bleef stilstaan, wapperde even met zijn oren en ging er vervolgens vandoor.

 Er is een video opgedoken van een man, die klaarblijkelijk in beschonken toestand, een olifant chargeert in het Zuid-Afrikaanse Kruger Park. Het zou gaan om een gids, die tijdens zijn vrije dag, werd opgejut door collega's om de onbezonnen daad te stellen.

De beelden laten zien hoe de man naar de olifant snelt, valt en het dier een tweede keer opjaagt. Hij wordt daarbij luid aangemoedigd door andere gidsen. De geagiteerde kolos zet het uiteindelijk op een lopen en de durfal wordt als een held onthaald door zijn collega's. Maar het hele incident had uiteraard dramatisch kunnen aflopen voor zowel mens als dier.
Nadat de video online werd geplaatst, heeft safarilodge-uitbater Singita toegegeven dat de man behoorde tot hun staf. 'We hebben de beelden onderzocht en de gepaste disciplinaire maatregelen genomen tegen de betrokkenen', luidde het. De waaghals is ondertussen ontslagen.
In 2011 heeft het Kruger Park een alcoholverbod uitgevaardigd om dit soort wangedrag te voorkomen.


Joe, the ophaned baby elephant 'wasting away' after mother was poisened

Joe the orphaned baby elephant 'wasting away' after mother was poisoned A baby pygmy elephant that was pictured nuzzling the body of its dead mother in a heartbreaking attempt to wake her up is said to be losing weight fast amid fears he may not survive.
A poignant photograph shows a three-month-old pygmy elephant calf, nicknamed Joe, trying to awaken its dead mother after she was poisoned. Officials now fear for Joe's life as the calf loses weight fast. The three-month-old calf, named Joe by wildlife officials, made headlines earlier in the week when the poignant photograph was published. His mother was one of 14 rare Borneo pygmy elephants that have been found dead of suspected poisoning in recent days in a series of fatalities that has shaken conservation efforts. The decomposed remains of the latest known victim were located on Wednesday, said Laurentius Ambu, director of the wildlife department in the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo island. Officials believe the animals may have been poisoned, possibly by substances left out by workers at nearby oil palm plantations to deter the animals from eating their palm fruit.
They fear more dead pygmy elephants - an endangered species - could be found because they usually roam Borneo's jungles in herds of 50 to 60 animals. Masidi Manjun, Sabah's tourism, culture and environment minister, warned it would be a "challenging task" to keep Joe alive as he was consuming only half his normal 30 litres (7.9 gallons) of milk daily. "(Joe) is surviving, but it is going to be a challenging task," he told AFP news agency by phone from Sabah. Joe is being kept in quarantine at a wildlife park and has lost 22 pounds after being traumatised by an 800 kilometre (497 mile) road journey to the park, the Star newspaper said Thursday. State officials on Tuesday released photos of the original 10 pachyderms to be found dead, including one of the orphan and its dead mother. A chemists' report on the beasts would be completed next week and could reveal what killed them. Poisoning is suspected due to severe ulceration and bleeding in the animals' digestive tracts. Dozens of wildlife officials, police and other personnel have been dispatched to comb through the Gunung Rara reserve, where the carcasses have been found, for other possible victims. Masidi vowed to push for severe punishment including a stiff jail sentence for anyone found to have maliciously poisoned the animals. "It is a combination of anger and sadness. I am still grieving. I fail to understand human behaviour," he said. WWF-Malaysia in a statement blamed the deaths on rampant felling of forests by planters, which had forced elephants to find alternative food and space and put them in conflict with humans. The group says only about 1,200 Borneo pygmy elephants, which are smaller and have more rounded features than full-sized Asian elephants, are estimated to be left in the wild.
source: AFP




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